Mayflower Plate Carrier Setup

How to setup your rig (plate carrier)? You were asking me for it many times, finally I had a time to do this video for you. I’m currently using Mayflower Plate Carrier and High Speed Gear Taco pouches on it. Please remember that what works for me, may not work for you at all. I strongly suggest, to try your own setups – wear it at home first, have it on you for at least 5-8 hours – this will give you a good feeling how the whole rig sits on you and if everything is exactly where it should be. Then of course go to the range and start using it in the field. Always be open to adjustments and modifications.

– Rob Ski

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  1. Pete Krimski Avatar
    Pete Krimski

    I am working as a DOD armed contractor in Kabul (2015) and since I have been here I have enjoyed watching your video blog. I know this one is a little old but I felt compelled to comment on the HSGI TACO pouches. I work as an adviser to the ANP and I often act as the driver in our vehicle which means I have to get in and out and move all over the place in a very small space with all my gear on. I tried the TACO pouches (pistol/rifle) for a couple of days and I found them to be unreliable. On the first day I lost a pistol mag and later discovered that because of the slippery plastic insert on the TACO pouch, my mags would begin to creep out of the pouch as they came in contact with the seat of the car and other objects. There is a reason why MOLLE pouches have cloth retention straps and open topped pouches have retention cords. A person cannot move about in a cramped environment with gear and weapons using crappy TACO pouches and not expect a mag to fall out of the pouch. Try explaining the loss of that equipment. Because I could not trust them to retain my gear I abandoned them and went back to my trusty USMC old ass flapped pouches and a couple of Condor open topped pouches for my belt. I also made the mistake of trading out a RAINE plate carrier for a HSGI WOOSATCH carrier. The HSGI gear is all flash and lo-speed. The WOOSATCH carrier is expensive and is super cheesy in its construction. No padding on the interior of the carrier means if you have anything in your shirt pocket like a pen (who would need that?) or a notebook it gets pressed uncomfortably up against your chest etc. Padding also ensures positive contact with the carrier and the wearer. The side fastening strap is flimsy and is made of slippery nylon that is difficult to fasten when it is tightened properly and will not stay tight after being clasped. A Velcro cummerbund is way better because it allows for the user to adjust the rig when it gets hot or after long hours of wearing it. I’ve used the current USGI modular carrier and it works great, although it is not currently commercially available. I think best bang for the buck in plate carriers is the Condor brand modular carrier. Otherwise, I enjoy your blog posts, keep up the good work.

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Hi Pete, good feedback. Unfortunately TACO isn’t perfect…

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