Krebs AK UFM Keymod Rail System Heat Test – Test 1

This is our 1st “heat test” on Krebs AK UFM Keymod Rail. I’m waiting for weather to improve (we had another snow fall last night) and we are going to re-run this test again when it will be warmer to re-check results. We are also going to increase rounds count to 150. We are also going to apply the same testing procedure to all other future rail systems reviewed by us. Still, even taking into the account that air temperature was 30F, this rail performed very well. I think this is mainly because of the many slots in UFM rail system body, which allows to air to flow freely and cool off metal at the same time.
– Rob Ski

YouTube video

8 responses to “Krebs AK UFM Keymod Rail System Heat Test – Test 1”

  1. Lukek Avatar

    Hey Rob how is that Krebs ufm keymod rail ( long version) holding up? I have one as well, and I’m worried that the screws on the rail band will walk out. The guys at Krebs said it is a permanent attachment and I shouldn’t worry about it. If you have any thoughts or more experience with that rail system that would be great if you could share your thoughts. Also I enjoy your videos a lot and appreciate the effort you guys put into making them, it definitely shows. Thanks

    1. Rob Ski Avatar
      Rob Ski

      Sorry man, i don’t have it anymore…

  2. Mitch Avatar

    Thanks Rob for putting all this effort into everything that you do for the AK community. Great video! Is this Krebs UFM keymod rail worth the money, or are there better alternatives out there. Not asking ya to speak Ill of them as they are a great company, just wondering if there is a better alternative is all. I only want to do this once. The rail looks a bit bulky, but I’m looking to add a similar setup to mine and I want to get the best. Thanks!!

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