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Rob Ski

Rob Ski

AK Operators Union Page, is dedicated to all those who love their rifles.

I was born and raised behind the “Iron Curtain”, so by default, at very early age, I was exposed to AK rifles platform. I’m still learning and discovering new things about AK operations, tactical deployment and manufacturing methods on daily basis.
But we don’t discriminate! We love all firearms equally!

I served in US as infantryman, Squad Designated Marksmen and Sniper Team Leader.
I was lucky to be exposed to wide range of awesome weapons. I would like to share with you my experiences, and some tips and tricks.

I’m by no means, an “expert”…I’m rather an enthusiast, who is trying to learn as much as he can, about his beloved subjects…
Union is growing and expending. Expect to see more rifle types going through the “grinder” soon!
Rob Ski
Email: ak74ski@comcast.net