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Dima in action

Dima in action

We are active our community of AK rifles users. We have members from Russian Spetsnaz, West and East SF’s teams, СОБР groups and different military branches from all around the world.

Don’t be afraid to share with us your knowledge, AK related links and pictures. Help us grow our community! If you have any questions, please feel free to message me via Facebook. I will do my best to respond in timely manner. Also, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

As you know I have founded AK Operators Union from pure love to AK rifle. Nothing makes me happier than spreading this love to our Union members and improving image of AK weapons in USA. If you will look into past 6 months, you will see that we have made together unbelievable progress.
In little more than half year, we are over 18,000 members strong community with weekly reach to almost 100,000 people. Unfortunately, like everything in real life comes at the cost. I hate to ask for this, but I’m in need of your help. I have completely depleted my saving accounts when funding different needs for the Union. The idea is to not make money, but to break even. I don’t even count time spend on all Union activities. Sales of Tshirts, patches and few parts help to plug holes, but it isn’t even enough…
Hopefully with our Episode 4 video you can see our full potential. We can make these videos even better and serve you better when reviewing rifles, gears and accessories. We need more video equipment, better camera lenses, another full size SLR and of course ammo…
Would you be willing to contribute $1, $5 or any sum you can, to help us to reach these goals? I have setup “Donate” button at our website. Any contribution is welcome…Every month, I will post clear financial statement on: where we are and what is happening with these money. Link to donate button is located below:

Best regards
Rob Ski